Yuuki Grimaldi
180px-Yuuki Grimaldi
Age: 14
Crest: Strength
Digimon Partner: Pinchermon

When Yuuki lived with her mother in the United States they lived a simpler life. But her mom started dating some guy in Japan which forced Yuuki to leave her home to live in this new country. Luckily her school had some Japanese classes that she actually paid attention to. For now her step-father is an author while her mom is a stay at home mom. They live in a calm looking suburban neighborhood in a rather good looking house.

Yuuki has recently met her Digimon partner Pinchermon. Although she has no idea what in the world Digimon are she accepts Pinchermon to the extent of no touching her without permission. She's met Tamaki Ekaido, who's partnered with Gomamon, and Ralek Gray, who's partnered with Dracmon.

She's not the type that's persuaded easy, although when it comes down to ditching school for ANY reason at all she's in. Her phone's on 24/7 so she's constantly texted and called by various people throughout the day/night. She's had a crush on a guy named Stark in her Bio class, but the only thing he calls her for is help with the homework or if she can lend a hand in his band's economic responsibilities. For now she's given up on Stark and no longer tries to understand the male human race. She's open to people the instant she meets them, although Pinchermon doesn't really approve of her outgoing personality.

Her parents don't really like that she doesn't have any "girlfriends" to hang out with but she doesn't seem to care. It doesn't really bother her that some of her guyfriends like her because, hey, why does she have to worry if she knows them? She never has to be told a reason/excuse because she'll go with practically anything she needs to.

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