Long ago, a group of kids traveled to the Digital World where they met their Digimon partners and eventually defeated the Dark Lords. They lost the ability to see their precious Digimon whenever they wanted due to a "wall" blocking the way. They soon discovered that this "wall" was in fact an evil Digimon named ShadowSeraphimon but was known as "The Dark Eclipse." Now the Celestial Digimon have pretty much fallen, but before they were turned into Digi-eggs they sent out the power for eight Digimon to enter the Real World and find a human partner to save the Digital World, ShadowSeraphimon soon learned of their feeble attempts at revenge and sent out his own form of power to five humans that fitted his evil delight. Thirteen Digimon, thirteen humans, and an ever growing evil awaiting the Digi-Destineds' arrival. Will they succeed or perish at the feet of the merciless Dark Soldiers?

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