Naomi Cross

Beauty of Friendship

Age: 16
Crest: Friendship
Partner: Veemon

Growing up without that whole Dad thing didn't really affect her much. Instead Naomi kept focusing on the positives and soon she found one of her best friends, Veemon(Neo Destiny). She saved him from being finished off by a Goburimon, an ogre looking Digimon, who had him cornered. She still doesn't know how she had protected him but through V, a nickname she'd given Veemon, she found Akira Mori and Dracomon. They met in the weirdest of situations, their Digimon positively had it out for each other since they didn't really see many Digimon in the Real World.

Soon they were mysteriously transported to the Digital World where the duo met the other six Digi-Destine. Soon after Akira had awakened the Crest of Courage, Naomi did the same for the Crest of Friendship through a test that tested her "link" to her friends. She's sealed two focal points so far and is a powerful addition to the team with Veemon on her side.

At a battle in Widget Valley Naomi sealed her second Focal Point as Akira, Wingdramon, and Exveemon fought against Todo, with HolyAngemon, and Shinji with MetalTyrannomon. After sealing the point she found herself in a fist to fist fight with Ariana Gibbs, the Dark Destined of Spite.

It seems like she can somehow "replace" data in Digimon or Humans when in the Digital World. The drawback, the data comes from her and whomever she chooses through a connection. Most of the time it's Veemon and her doing the transfer but if she doesn't know the "patient" then a friend of theirs is needed to establish the main connection. Even though they share the pain, Naomi usually feels it more after the healing process. She taps into the Crest of Friendship for the power and doesn't hold it lightly since it can hurt her as well. It doesn't matter who's in need, as long as it's peaceful and calm when the connection is made, tension and hatred usually doesn't sit well with her and contradicts the effect.

[edit] Crest of FriendshipEdit

The Crest of Friendship was originally embodied by Yamato "Matt" Ishida.

Crest of Friendship

Its image is emblazoned on the Digi-Egg of Friendship, whose digivolutions may have the Crest somewhere on its body.


Yamato "Matt" Ishida

Yamato "Matt" Ishida is the original holder of the Crest of Friendship, which activated when Joe risked his life to save T.K. from a Vegiemon and was then being strangled by it. Matt remembered how he had berated Joe earlier for constantly making mistakes and keeping them both stuck working in a diner to pay off the bill for Joe's meal, especially his accusation that Joe was making these mistakes on purpose. Realizing that, he also realized that he could not win his battles alone (a revelation that was finalized in his mind much later in the series) and needed the help of everyone, including Joe.

Gabumon first meets Matt in the form of Tsunomon. The two meet as soon as Matt arrives in the Digital World. Tsunomon soon Digivolves into Gabumon to protect Matt against an attacking Kuwagamon and since then Gabumon has been the preferred form. Gabumon later Digivolves into several other, increasingly powerful forms.

After a Recent attack on File City however, Gabumon had been returned to the Real World after guarding the focal point from the onslaught of the Dark Digi-Destined. He had valiantly fought off the Re-Incarnated Myotismon, as well as the newly Digivolved MetalTyrannomon as MetalGarurumon; but in the end let out an all-or-nothing attack to bide the new Digi-Destined time to seal the point. Upon his return, he warned Matt and the other Original Digi-Destine of Myotismon's return, and the danger that was now befalling the entire Digital World. He is currently recovering from the battle under Matt's care.

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